Hey Hotshot! Going to Law School?
We Have Some News for You!

Now, Is When It Starts to Get Interesting….

Get ready! Law school is like no other place. The way the courses are taught, the course load, and the stress are something else. Despite your past academic achievements, law school is a whole different game. Law professors teach the substantive law, but they don’t usually teach the study methods and the thinking processes which will enable you to excel in law school.

Soccer Analogy

Suppose you have been a good athlete your entire life. Then, suppose your friend invites you to play a game, but never tells you what the game is. Further, suppose there is NO rule book. You show up with great enthusiasm to play. You feel confident because you have always been a good athlete. You play for awhile, but become discouraged because you see that you are not playing well.

Turns out, if your frame of reference is football, and you are applying the rules of football to the game of soccer, being played by squash rules, you won’t play well.

Learn the Rules, So You Know How to Win.

The Skillman Method™ gives you the rule book. Plus, if you take one of the advanced courses which include Individual Instruction, you will have your own personal coach.

The Skillman Method™ completely demystifies the law school experience! Professor Nerissa Shklov Skillman, founder of The Skillman Method™ and a graduate of Berkeley Law Center, created The Skillman Method™ to make sure that ALL motivated students have the tools to excel in law school and on the bar exam.

Getting great grades is not easy, but it is doable! Put the time in. We are here to support your success.

Celebrating 40 Years’ Success!

The Skillman Method™ is celebrating forty years of success! More than 20,000 students have attended Professor Skillman’s courses. They report resounding success. Numerous ABA-accredited law schools and bar associations have invited Professor Skillman to make her Study Methods’ presentations to their students.

If you want to learn specifically what to do to succeed in law school, start by watching the free online video below “Hey Hot Shot!”, where a skillman student shares first-hand why it is important to learn The Skillman Method™ to succeed.

It All Starts with The Basic Exam Course™.

The three online classses of The Basic Exam Course™ helps law students at all levels to successfully manage time, read and brief cases, outline courses, write essays, responde to multiple-choice exams, guage their progress, and utilize study groups effectively. As a Skillman student, you will learn how to write your own long outlines for each course.

For an investment of only $495, you learn how to excel in law school. Register below to start your course, available 24/7 for your convenience.

Can I find out more about it first?

Of course! Professor SKillman has provided the Class 1 Part 1 of the Basic Exam Course™ as a free video so that you can see some of the course before you purchase. Please register an account using the link below to watch the first session of The Basic Exam Course™.