Linear Thinking, Torts, and Answering MBE Practice Questions (audio)

"Professor Skillman,
... I have recommended your class to every law student I know. ... I finished out my first semester strong, earning an A in Contracts ... My second semester was even better, earning a spot on Law Review and an additional scholarship for being in the top 10%.
... Thank you so much!" (See entire email on Success Stories!)
C. C.
3rd Year Student, Brooklyn Law School
(C. C. transferred to the school after 1st Year)

There is an art to taking multiple-choice exams successfully. When Professor Skillman was in her last semester of law school at the University of California at Berkeley (Boalt Hall School of Law), she had the good fortune to sit in on an one-hour course offered by Michael Josephson, Esq. At that time, Professor Josephson had his own bar preparation course. He later sold his course to another company.

Professor Josephson's lecture entirely changed Professor Skillman's understanding about the processes to use to do well on multiple-choice examinations. Professor Skillman has further clarified the processes; and as a result, she teaches students a structured, systematic approach for success on multiple-choice exams.

The audio of the class Professor Skillman taught for bar candidates on linear thinking and multiple-choice exams is available online. The focus of the class is upon Torts, specifically upon the area of negligence.

During the class, Professor Skillman lays out an approach for Negligence which is helpful to law students and bar candidates alike. Using The Skillman MethodTM, students in the course take several practice exams together with Professor Skillman. The questions were published by PMBR.

You should download the class materials before listening to the audio of the class.

We assure you there is an approach to taking multiple-choice exams which can be used across the board for success. You will find the information offered in the class very helpful.

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