Payment Plans

The most expensive grades in law schools are Cs. Poor performance in law school or on a bar exam is especially devastating because of the tremendous cost of obtaining a legal education in the 21st century.

To support law students and bar candidates in their quest for excellence, The Skillman MethodTM LLC allows students to set up payment plans for courses and private instruction. The interest rate charged is 10%. A late fee of $25 is charged each time if a student makes a late payment more than once.

All payment plans must be approved. Once a payment plan has been approved, the student must execute a promissory note which must be notarized and sent to The Skillman MethodTM LLC. (See for a form.)

Monthly installment payments are to be RECEIVED online between the 1st and 5th of the month in accordance with the particular agreement.

You can go here to make a Payment Plan Payment

Thank you for the opportunity to support success!