The Advanced Exam Writing Course™

November 22, 2013 Class (audio)

"Dear Prof. Skillman, I wanted to thank you again for the workshop you gave at New York Law School. Just as a heads up, I thought I did terribly on my contracts exam, but I was misinformed. I actually go the highest score in my class! … I am so proud of myself, and I have you to thank!"
K. E., 1st Year Student
New York Law School

On November 22, 2013, Professor Skillman met with students in The Advanced Exam Writing Course™ for the last class of the semester. The students who attended were are combination of law students and bar candidates. The bar candidates were preparing for the February 2014 bar examination and were invited to audit the class to help them in their preparation for the bar exam.

During the first part of the class, Professor Skillman lays out her theories for writing excellent essays by going over The Exam Templates™. As she explains to her students, there is a template for writing. In fact, once you understand The Exam Templates™, writing excellent exams is quite straightforward. Practice is required, but once you understand the standards and how to meet them, you can excel. Professor Skillman believes it is easier to write an excellent exam than it is to write poorly; but you must be clear with respect to your goals.

After going over the principles set forth in The Exam Templates™, Professor Skillman and the students critique the exams in the Class Packet. Exams were submitted by both law students and bar candidates.

Before listening to the audio of the class, be sure to download the Class Packet. After listening to the audio of the class, be sure to download and read the written critiques of the students’ papers. All papers were critiqued line-by-line in writing and returned to the students via email and ordinary mail.

Listening to this class will be very helpful if you have unanswered questions about how to excel at writing essays. Further, even if you have been successful in law school, the class is illuminating because it lays out the standards for writing successfully and teaches you how to judge whether your essays meet the standards.

If you are a law student, we suggest that you sign up for The Basic Exam Course™ for Law Students and The Advanced Exam Writing Course™. If you are a bar candidate, we suggest that you sign up for The Basic Bar Preparation Course™ and The Supplemental Bar Preparation Course™. You will also find listening to the audios of the 2013 Summer Supplemental Bar Preparation Course™ very helpful.

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(Exerpt from a professor’s email to his students regarding the scores students received on a problem)

The scoring information for Problem 3 - 3:
  • Total Points Available 35
  • High Score 26
  • Low Score 2.5
  • Median Score 9
  • Mean (Average) 9.5
"I received the 26."
F. F.
Masters of Law Candidate
Southern Illinois University School of Law