The Advanced Exam Writing Course™

"I received the only A+ in my Torts class last Fall. Thank you! At the end of my 1st year, I automatically qualified for the law journal."
Fordham Law Student

Enroll in The Advanced Exam Writing Course™.* Perfect your essays and test-taking skills.

  • Six hours of class instruction
  • Two hours of private tutoring with faculty
  • Ten of your outlines or essays will be critiqued in writing line-by-line
  • Learn to answer multiple-choice questions successfully
  • Classes are scheduled for your convenience
  • Classes meet via teleconference

  • * The Basic Exam Course™ for law students is a prerequisite.

Fall 2004, a dean recommended that five students who had been placed on probation after their first year take our courses. Those students took The Basic Exam Course™ for law students and The Advanced Exam Writing Course™. All five students passed the bar exam. Four passed on the first try!