1st Time Bar Candidates

"I passed the California, New York, and New Jersey bar exams on the first try because of your courses. Thank you!"
U. C. Berkeley (Boalt Hall)

Congratulations! Graduating from law school is a tremendous accomplishment. Hats Off!

Passing the bar on the first attempt is clearly the way to go. As is well publicized, the bar passage rates have declined dramatically in the last few years.

“No worries,” as is commonly said these days. You can pass the bar on the first attempt with proper preparation and effective feedback.

In The Basic Bar Preparation Course™, available online 24/7 365, you will learn what it takes to prepare fully for a bar exam. The course was sponsored by Vanderbilt University School of Law. The eight-hour course includes three classes

  • How to Prepare for the Bar Exam
  • How to Outline Bar Subjects and
  • Exam Writing, Legal Analysis, and The Exam Templates™

Once you watch the course, you will know specifically what to do to prepare. The Basic Bar Preparation Course™ demystifies the process completely.

Preparing properly for the bar exam can be quite stressful and anxiety producing. Our best advice is to start your preparation early. Do not wait until after graduation to begin your preparation!

Once you watch The Basic Bar Preparation Course™, we suggest that you begin developing your own long outlines for the MBE subjects. With an early start, you are in a much better position to pass.

Professor Skillman was invited to Nashville to teach the course in February, in fact over Valentine Day’s weekend. At the end of the two-day presentation, one of the favorite comments made by a 3L student was, “Well, I guess we won’t be going to Italy for spring break.”

Get a head start on your preparation! Be active rather than proactive. With proper preparation, you should know two weeks before the exam if you are in position to pass.

Effective preparation is the major key to passing the bar. If there is any way, we can help you, please send us an email at success@theskillmanmethod.com.

If you decide to sign up early for The Supplemental Bar Preparation Course™, you will be able to attend our exam-writing classes that semester. Note, if you sign up for our supplemental bar preparation course, you will be able to submit as many as sixty essays for critique.

Thank you for the opportunity to support success!

"What a revelation! I knew exactly how to write my answers before I went into the exam."
Fordham Law Center
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