Law School Survival Is NOT the Standard!!

"I received the only A+ in my Torts class last Fall. Thank you! At the end of my 1st year, I automatically qualified for the law journal."
Fordham Law Student

Despite the American Bar Association’s online article, How to Survive the First Year of Law School, surviving law school and the first year is NOT the standard!

If you were admitted to law school, you can EXCEL! First year grades are extremely important because first year grades generally translate into overall performance in law school and success on the bar exam. Further, as is obvious, the better the grades you get in law school, the greater your job choices.

It is important to EXCEL in law school, rather than survive. In fact, C’s are the most expensive grades in law school because job opportunities will be limited and bar passage may be an obstacle.

Professor Skillman’s experience is that it takes just as much effort to get A’s as it does to get C’s. Knowing what and how to study are two of the important keys to getting great grades in law school. GREAT GRADES translate into bar success and career success.

With The Skillman Method™, you will learn how to EXCEL, rather than survive. If you put in the time, with proper preparation and feedback, you can EXCEL!

In The Basic Exam Course™, you will learn the strategies for excelling in law school. In The Advanced Exam Writing Course™, you will get feedback from faculty on your long outlines and essays. In addition to classes, students who register for The Advanced Exam Writing Course™ will meet with a faculty member for two hours of private instruction.

Although law students are routinely told, “Don’t worry about IT, you will figure it out in the end,” do NOT follow such advice! You can understand your courses from Day 1 by learning how to use the table of contents and syllabus for each of your courses to learn the substantive law.

If you haven’t done so already, watch the free courses available online here at, including The Short Outline: How to Get A’s in Law School. After watching the thirty-eight minute video which was filmed at Vanderbilt University School of Law, you will have The Skillman approach for understanding and learning your subjects.

If you really want a head start, sign up for The Basic Exam Course™ for Law Students. The course takes the guesswork out of law school. You will have the tools and strategies for success!

"It's liberating; the Skillman MethodTM teaches you the A to Z's of achieveing excellence."
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