Advocate for Law Students

"My class rank skyrocketed. I made Dean’s list… I received an Am Jur in Constitutional Law."
A. K.
Golden Gate University

Because you completed a rigorous admissions process and were admitted to law school, you can EXCEL. As an advocate for law students, Professor Skillman strongly believes that most law students can excel, rather than survive, if they know how to study and prepare properly.

Professor Nerissa Shklov Skillman developed The Skillman Method™ to provide all students with the tools to excel in law school. Survival is not the standard!

Professor Skillman’s courses are student friendly and close the communication gaps between law professors and students. Her goal is to reach students in law school, particularly at the beginning of the first year. The strategies she teaches can be applied throughout law school and on the bar exam. As a result, bar passage should not be an issue.

As a first year law student at the University of California at Berkeley (Boalt Hall), Professor Skillman decided to commit her legal career to teaching students how to EXCEL. When she began her first year, a student strike had been organized and students were expected to boycott classes because two students who had graduated from Ivy League colleges had been academically disqualified the prior semester. The students believed the students had been disqualified because of race. Professor Skillman differed in her thinking because of her experience as a teacher before attending law school.

As a second year student, Professor Skillman was a tutor for the Academic Support Program at Boalt Hall. Upon graduation, she joined the faculty at Boalt Hall as an Associate-in-Law and the Director of the Academic Support Program and the Moot Court Program. Since then, she has been on the faculty at Santa Clara University School of Law, the University of San Francisco School of Law, and The Catholic University of America School of Law. She has taught Wills, Trusts, and Estates, Criminal Law, and Legal Research and Writing.

Her courses have been sponsored by numerous American Bar Association accredited law schools, the Massachusetts Bar Association, the Oregon State Bar, the Kansas Bar Association, Legal Aid Society of New York City, the King’s County District Attorney’s Office, and numerous local and state bar associations, including, the Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers, and the Metropolitan Black Bar Association in New York City, the Judicial Friends Association, and Practicing Attorneys for Law Students (PALS).

In the 80’s, she was the Director of the Western Region Summer Council on Legal Opportunity Program (CLEO) Institutes for many years. During the Summer CLEO Institutes, Professor Skillman taught contracts and the course that she developed entitled, Study Methods Which Produce Excellence. CLEO has also sponsored her Basic Exam Course™ and The Advanced Exam Writing Cours™ for its students more recently.

Professor Skillman has spent more than two thousand hours offering private instruction to law students and bar candidates to help them excel in law school and on bar exams. Her students from around the country have been extremely successful.

Because Professor Skillman is an advocate for law students, there are two free classes available here on this site. If you haven’t done so already, watch the free classes, including How to Get A’s in Law School: The Short Outline™. The class was filmed at Vanderbilt University School of Law.

"The Skillman MethodTM gave me the skills to improve my grades dramatically. My second year GPA was 3.68."
K. L.
Fordham Law School