The Basic Exam Course™ for Law Students

(Study Methods Which Produce Excellence)

"Thanks! I got a 3.7 my first semester and I Am Jured Civil Procedure."
1st Year Student
University of San Francisco

The Basic Exam Courseā„¢ for law students is approximately eight hours and available 24/7 via video streaming. The Basic Exam Course™ for law students includes three classes.

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The difference between our courses and others is that we teach you specifically what to do to excel!

In the online Basic Exam Course™, you will learn how to:

    • manage your time
    • read and brief cases
    • outline courses
    • write essays
    • respond to multiple-choice exams
    • gauge your progress
    • utilize study groups effectively

Over 380 minutes of Video teaching you the skills to excel in law school for just $495!

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"I was number '1' in my class. I attribute my success to Professor Skillman's study techniques."
Touro Law Center
Class Valedictorian,
Editor-in-Chief Law Review
Member, New York Bar