Private Instruction for Students, including Pre-law Students, Law Students, & Bar Candidates

"The really cool thing about the way the Skillman Method™ teachers mark up papers is that you know exactly what to do to improve your grades."
Fordham Law Center

Once you have taken one of the Basic Courses, you may work with a faculty member privately. The feedback given by our faculty is unparalleled!

During private teleconference meetings, you will meet with faculty to critique your outlines and essays. You will learn how to identify your academic issues and how to address them. If you need assistance in answering multiple-choice questions, the faculty member will "walk through" the process with you and show you how to answer questions succesfully.

You may purchase blocks of faculty time for private instruction. The Advanced Exam Writing Course™ for law students and The Supplemental Bar Preparation Course™ include private instruction.

"The first time Professor Skillman marked up my paper, I cried. The second time, I received an A in Legal Research and Writing."
1st Year Student
St. John’s University