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TIP 2: A Major Key for Excelling in Law School Is Knowing How to Set Up a Short Outline for Each of Your Substantive Law Courses.

To avoid being overwhelmed, it is critical to develop a Short Outline for each of your substantive law courses. The Short Outline gives you the skeletal structure for each course. It is the the roadmap for your journey in learning the law.
The process for developing a Short Outline is set forth in the online video, How to Get A’s: The Short Outline. In the video, you will learn how to develop your Short Outlines and why it is important to do so. The video was filmed at Vanderbilt Law School and is free. Once your register, you will be given the passcode for viewing the class.
Although the Short Outline is simply a recital of the chapter titles and subheadings covered in a course, you will find it much easier to understand the legal concepts covered in each chapter. As a result, you are less likely to feel overwhelmed or lost while learning the law.
At The Skillman Method™, we believe that all motivated students can get great grades if they understand specifically how to prepare, understand the standards applied to their work, and understand how to meet those standards. (See the student’s quote below.) Great grades in law school translate into bar success, terrific job opportunities, and empowerment.
Unfortunately, the supermajority of students are thrown into the “law school pool” without being taught how to swim. The Basic Exam Course™ gives students the tools for achieving academic excellence. With the information in the course, students are taught not only “how to swim,” but how to EXCEL.  The course is available online 24/7. Students who register have access to the course for a year.
More than 20,000 students have attended Professor Skillman’s study methods and bar preparation courses. Skillman students have been extraordinarily successful. A while back, a graduate of Golden Gate University School of Law, sent an email, saying he had been admitted to the bar in eight jurisdictions. This was well before the adoption of the UBE. He has since become a judge.
Last summer, we learned that yet another Skillman lawyer is a state Appellate Court Justice. That makes four that we know of.

Student Quote

“Not withstanding the fact that I had four top-notch professors …., I believe that a large share of my success is a direct result of Professor Skillman’s ASP program. I finished my first year …. and I wrote the only ‘A’ exam in ….my Torts II class. I assume that will make me the Am Jur recipient in that subject.

Having graduated 98th out of a high school class of 102, you can well imagine how grateful I am …. ‘”

J. E. T. B.
University of San Francisco School of Law

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