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TIP 4: To EXCEL in Law School, It Is Important to Identify the Operative Value System and the Potential for Value Conflicts. You Are Expected to Apply the Law as Would a Traditional Lawyer.

Merriam-Webster defines “value system” as the system of established values, norms, or goals existing in a society. As a law student, it is important to realize there are three sets of values that you must identify when studying the law. They include the casebook editor’s values, your professors’, and your own.
The American jurisprudence system is based upon English common law. Therefore, the value system of the traditional lawyer is upper-class, Eurocentric, conservative, and male. This makes sense given the common law was developed during the feudal period by the English nobles to protect and transfer real property.
If you do not have all of the characteristics of “the traditional lawyer”, it is very likely you will experience value conflicts. Therefore, it is essential to 1) identify the operative value system and 2) figure out how to deal with value conflicts.
In the three-hour online class, How to Excel in Law School, Professor Skillman lays out how to recognize the operative value system and how to resolve value conflicts. She also explains why it is important to understand the underlying policies and principles behind the development of the law. The first hour of the class is free. How to Excel in Law School. The passcode will be given upon registration.
While studying the law, you are learning how to think and apply the law as a traditional lawyer would. With the Skillman courses, you learn exactly what to do to EXCEL! Survival is not the standard.
At The Skillman Method™, we believe all motivated students can get great grades if they understand specifically how to prepare, understand the standards applied to their work, and understand how to meet those standards. Great grades in law school translate into bar success, terrific job opportunities, and empowerment.
The Basic Exam Course™ gives students the tools for achieving academic excellence. With the information in the course, students know how to succeed academically.  The eight-hour course includes three classes including 1) How to Excel in Law School, 2) How to Outline Law School Courses, and 3) Exam Writing and Legal Analysis. The course is available online 24/7. Students who register for the course have access to the course for a year.
More than 20,000 students have attended Professor Skillman’s study methods and bar preparation courses. Skillman students report resounding success.

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Upon entering law school, they tell you not to worry because ‘you will figure it all out later.’ What they should have told us was to take The Skillman Method™ courses. After taking The Basic Exam Course™, I did not have to worry any more. By applying the Method, I knew how to effectively prepare for class and not be stressed out all the time.

J. R.
Hamline University School of Law
(now Mitchell Hamline School of Law)

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