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TIP 8: To EXCEL, It Is Extremely Important to Write Your Own Long Outlines for Each Substantive Law Course.

The first question raised is what is a long outline? A second question might be why develop long outlines?
In answer to the first question, a well-developed long outline includes all the the relevant law covered in a course each semester. It is a synthesis of all of the law learned from cases, class notes, case notes, hornbooks, and supplemental materials.
It is important to state each principle of law in a complete sentence of fifteen words or less. If the sentences are short, they can be used easily to apply the law on exams. Further, it is important to understand the underlying policy behind each principle of law stated in a long outline.
The long outline should use the same structure as The Short Outline. It is actually a “filling in” of The Short Outline. A free class, How to Get A’s: The Short Outline is available 24/7. The class was filmed at Vanderbilt Law School. The passcode will be given once a student registers for the course.
In answer to the second question, writing your own long outlines forces you to articulate the law in your own words. Doing so helps to crystallize the law in your mind. A good long outline is the foundation for answering essay questions, as well as multiple-choice questions.
In The Basic Exam Course™, Professor Skillman teaches students specifically what to do to prepare effective long outlines. The eight-hour course includes three classes including 1) How to Excel in Law School, 2) How to Outline Law School Courses, and 3) Exam Writing and Legal Analysis. The course is available online 24/7. The course demystifies law school completely. Students who register for the course have access to the course for a year.
At The Skillman Method™, we believe all motivated students can EXCEL if they understand how to study, understand the standards applied to their work, and understand how to meet those standards. Great grades in law school translate into bar success, terrific job opportunities, and empowerment.
More than 20,000 students have attended Professor Skillman’s study methods and bar preparation courses. Skillman students report resounding success. Four Skillman lawyers who we know of have become Appellate Court Justices. Skillman lawyers have gone on to become tenured law professors, judges, partners in top firms, and public advocates.

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“In re to last semester, I did well. Did you not receive my email thanking you for the A I received in Evidence? I truly would not have been able to do that without you and it gave me a very big boost in my confidence, since I struggled with deciding to pass/fail that class all semester.”

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Syracuse University College of Law

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