The Skillman Method™

Private Instruction – 10 Hour Block of Time (For Retakers)


At The Skillman Method™, we offer private, one-on-one instruction to law students, bar candidates, and pre-law students. Some use the term “tutoring,” we prefer to use the term Private Instruction”. Faculty members meet with students via teleconference or Internet.

Ten-hour Block of Time to Meet One-on-One with Faculty

Bar candidates who are retaking a bar exam must purchase a ten-hour block of faculty time to meet with faculty one-on-one. Before the first meeting, the bar candidate must enroll in and watch The Basic Bar Preparation Course™. Having watched the course, the student and faculty will have a common framework and lexicon through which to promote success.

During the first meeting, the faculty member will critique some of the student’s past bar exam essays and discuss his/her MBE scores. The faculty member will also discuss with the bar candidate his/her law school performance. Doing so, allows the faculty member and bar candidate assess the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

The bar candidate and the faculty member will come up with an overall plan for the student’s bar preparation. During the course of meetings for Private Instruction, the bar candidates’ outlines and practice essays will be critiqued. Further, in one or more meetings, the faculty member will teach the bar candidate how to successfully respond to MBE questions by doing practice MBE questions with the student.

A bar candidate who has purchased a ten-hour block of time for Private Instruction, may also sit in on any live classes that are being taught, including those offered in The Advanced Exam Writing Course™ and The Supplemental Bar Preparation Course™. There is no additional charge.