The Skillman Method™

Private Instruction – 5 Hour Block of Time


At The Skillman Method™, we offer private, one-on-one instruction to law students, bar candidates, and pre-law students. Some use the term “tutoring,” we prefer to use the term Private Instruction”. Faculty members meet with students via teleconference or Internet.

Five-hour Block of Time to Meet One-on-One with Faculty

Once a law student or first-time bar candidate has taken either The Basic Exam Course™ or The Basic Bar Preparation Course, the student may purchase a five-hour block of time to meet with faculty one-on-one for Private Instruction. During the meetings, the student and faculty will critique the student’s outlines and essays. Further, if a student needs help learning how to respond to multiple-choice questions or MBE questions, the faculty member will teach strategies for success by doing practice questions with the student.