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At The Skillman Method™, we are always impressed by the commitment of the Skillman lawyers to share their knowledge with students. One of our graduates recorded this webinar to pass along his insights to students. We are proud to say, this Skillman lawyer scored in the top 1 to 2% on the MBE exam and will be admitted in three jurisdictions.

In the fourty-nine minute class, How to Get A’s – The Short Outline™, Professor Skillman teaches students how to impose structure upon law school courses by using the Table of Contents or Syllabus for each course. The same approach should be used by bar candidates, as well.

The imposition of structure upon the volume of information students are expected to learn is critical to excelling in law school and on a bar exam. Professor Skillman walks students through the steps for imposing structure upon courses by developing a Short Outline.

With the Short Outline memorized, students can actually understand a course from Day 1. Since the chapter titles and subheadings announce what the legal issues are, students can more easily understand and learn the substantive law.

In the competitive environment of law school, you need every advantage. Your law school GPA and class rank determine eligibility for law journals, moot court, scholarships, internships, clerkships, and jobs.

Because Professor Skillman believes ALL motivated law students deserve to know how to EXCEL, two classes are available to law students and bar candidates at for free.

The Basic Exam Course™ Class 1 Part 1 How to Excel in Law School

In the study of law, you are studying a value system. It is critical to understand this. While studying the law, it is helpful for a law student to recognize there are three sets of values in play when studying the law. In Class 1 Part 1 of The Basic Exam Course™ for Law Students, Professor Skillman lays out the operative value system and the interplay of the three sets of values. Law students and bar candidates find the class truly enlightening!

Students attending the Twin Cities law schools attended the course. The course was sponsored by The Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers.

Skillman Lawyer’s Quote

“Thank you! I received four HH’s (A+) last fall. (after taking The Basic Exam Course™ for law students)”

1st Year U.C. Berkeley Law Student