The Skillman Method™

What Is The Skillman Method™?

“I am extremely fortunate. Your early instruction set me on the course for success in law school. I am proud to inform you that I am graduating in May. Also, I have a Wall Street Job secured upon graduation. With your guidance and my work, the commitment to winning at law school paid off. Thank you for your support”

R. D.
The State University of New Jersey
Rutgers Law School in Newark


The Skillman Method™ is a transformative tool. It is an educational model that gives law students and bar candidates the tools for excelling in law school and on bar exams The Skillman Method™ demystifies law school and the bar exam completely. Students learn a sophisticated, but step-by-step approach for learning and applying the law well to essay and multiple-choice exams. The approach applies to the MBE exams and the Multistate Performance Test, as well.

With The Skillman Method™, you will have the tools and strategies to EXCEL in law school and on bar exams. You will learn how to study course materials, how to set up your schedules realistically, how to read cases and organize the presentation of the law, how to take class notes, exactly how to develop your own long outlines, and how to write essays and respond to multiple-choice questions for maximum success.

At The Skillman Method™, we believe every motivated law student and bar candidate can succeed if he/she is willing to do the work. Preparation is the key to academic and bar success!

We suggest all law students take The Basic Exam Course™ while in law school. Academic success in law school translates into bar success.

We don’t hide the ball! The Skillman Method™ is time-tested. The Skillman Method™ was developed by Professor Nerissa Shklov Skillman, an experienced law teacher and a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley School of Law.

More than twenty thousand students have attended The Skillman Method™ courses since 1978. Skillman students have gone on to become top lawyers, tenured professors, judges, appellate court justices, and public advocates. One Skillman lawyer, let us know that he is admitted in eight jurisdictions.

Students' Quote

“Professor Skillman’s Excel program provides students with an effective, systematic approach to the studying of the law. My classmates and I are convinced that if we, minority students, were taught Professor Skillman’s effective study methods during our first year, we could have had a much better chance of performing better or succeeding in law school.”

R. Bryan, G. Campos, L. Cardenas, B. Chan, and A. Crew
Third Year Students
University of California, Berkeley School of Law