The Skillman Method™

Private Instruction

At The Skillman Method™, we offer private, one-on-one instruction to law students, bar candidates, and pre-law students.  Some use the term “tutoring,” we prefer to use the term Private Instruction.  Faculty members meet with students via teleconference or Internet.

Pre-Law Students

 Depending upon the pre-law student, the student meets with a faculty member to

  • Help select the law schools to which to submit applications
  • Help write the personal statement
  • Help shape his/her applications
  • Help select the persons who will write recommendations
  • Help the persons who write the recommendations edit them
  • Help the student increase his/her LSAT score

A minimum of five-hours of faculty time is usually required.  Further, it is suggested that the student enroll in The Basic Exam Course™.  He/she will have access to the online course for a year.  Enrolling in The Basic Exam Course™ helps a student perfect writing skills.

Law Students

“The really cool thing about the way the Skillman Method™ teachers mark up papers is that you know exactly what to do to improve your grades.”

K. S.
Fordham University Law School

Once a law student has taken The Basic Exam Course™, he/she may meet with the faculty one-on-one for Private Instruction.  During the meetings, the student and faculty will critique the student’s outlines and essays.  Further, if a student needs help learning how to respond to multiple-choice questions, the faculty member will teach strategies for success by doing practice questions with the student.  A student may purchase a block of five hours to meet for Private Instruction; however, most students enroll in The Advanced Exam Writing Course™.

The Advanced Exam Writing Course™ for law students includes two hours of Private Instruction.  The Advanced Course™ meets three times for two hours per class.  During the classes, a packet of ten students’ practice exams are critiqued line-by-line applying the theories taught in Class 3 of The Basic Exam Course™.

Bar Candidates

Bar candidates may purchase a block of five or ten hours of faculty time for Private Instruction.

Six hours of Private Instruction are included in the fee for The Supplemental Bar Preparation™ Course. During the meetings, the bar candidate and faculty critique the student’s outlines and essays.  Further, the faculty member will teach strategies for success answering MBE question by doing practice questions with the student.

“Using The Skillman Method™, I passed the California, New York, and New Jersey bar exams on the first try.”

B. C.
University of California, Berkeley School of Law

Private Instruction